We interviewed Balfin. Our pet!

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Our mascot summer is very very funny. It is called Balfin and is a dolphin who loves children. We have made a small interview so that you know him better.

What they like most children do with you?

Dance, dance and dance. I dig move the skeleton. My fin gives me a unique and special rate. I show a photo dancing one of my favorite styles: “Break dance”.




What advice would you give them to enjoy your vacation?

What advantage summer vacation to meet new friends, than a dip occur in the pool or on the beach every day, to dance, sing, draw whatever you do during your vacation and finally, do not forget to obey their parents.

What kind of diet you follow to be always lively?

“Fish and chips” is my favorite dish. The truth is that as much fish from tiny. My mom prepared me every day and I left nothing on the plate. That’s my secret to make me high and swim as fast. I always tell children who eat a lot of fish to grow up healthy like me.

What is your favorite corner Cliff Village?

Undoubtedly the pool, where he spent the best moments surrounded by children of all nationalities.

Sing us a piece of your favorite summer song.

“Who lives in the pineapple
under the sea
sponge Bob…
its yellow body
absorbs no more
sponge Bob…
the best friend
you can have
sponge Bob…”

What will you do when summer is over?

I’ll go swimming on a long trip with my family to the Caribbean Sea, to spend the winter in warm waters.

Will you return to Cliff Village?

I hope I’m having pipaaaa! I’ll take a lot less children who am meeting in Acantilado Suites Pueblo this summer, their parents and all staff of the resort. I send you a big hug and kisses dolphin from here to all.



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