Family entertainment program

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animacion nocturna verano 2016_EN

This year, we have prepared many fun activities for the whole family. You always thinking about you and the quality of your vacation, you will find different activities from our typical performances of magic hand “Wizard Hector” Friday night our nights Saxo hand “Tony Molto” for Wednesday. If you are someone who you’ve shared with us some summer than another, certain that these two artists will be very familiar.

Monday morning can not miss our Pool Party, Tuesday night’s performance will have Brit Band, year after year conquer us with their music today.

If you have always wanted to attend a party Ibizan this is your chance, because Thursday night know first hand what is really a party like this. For Saturday and Sunday nights we will make some evening shows that you’ll communicate in our social networks.

This summer our intention, as always, is that you enjoy the most.

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