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We have a new Assisted Reproduction Project with which we have decided to collaborate with the benefits obtained with our loyalty card Cliff. Coming up next, we tell you:

The philosophy of Terra Natura is a basic pillar contribute to the conservation of all living beings on the planet, through the exhibition and shows of animals which are their menagerie and research, education and dissemination of values ​​and guiding principles They defend welfare, animal dignity and the preservation of species and more concrete (and urgently), those that are in danger of extinction. From Cliff Suites Pueblo, we agree completely with this philosophy.

Terra Natura Benidorm belongs to the Iberian Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AIZA) and EAZA, its European counterpart, who develops ambitious projects management to link all zoos members throughout Europe through strategic plans reproduction of endangered species species (EEP). TNB contributes to the development of numerous EEP with emblematic species and critical risk of extinction, such as the case of the Indian rhino, the Sumatran tiger, the Asiatic lion or Jaguar.

In the case of the jaguar, we face the predator that occupies the top of the food chain in the jungles of Central and South America. The protection of this beautiful and mystical animal is very complex, since its range is divided among several nations, especially in South America, where the emphasis and the importance of investing resources conservation, is very heterogeneous. Thus we find authorities who show great sensitivity to this species, being used to fund anti-poaching, deforestation, devastation of their habitat, illegal capture of wild specimens and competition with humans (increasingly disadvantaged); while others are more permissive. The result is a worrying fragmentation and isolation of populations, which, coupled with the difficulty of applying the laws in remote and inaccessible places, it becomes hard work.

In zoos around the world, inhabits a narrow representation of this kind, composed of genetically viable to ensure its survival in individuals captive state, while struggling to apply the law rigorously in their natural habitat. It is the responsibility of these parks, keep populations, promoting and making viable genetically healthy taxa.

Terra Natura in Benidorm there is a pair of Central American jaguar, “Soco” and “Greece”, integrated into the Studbook of this species. They are young, healthy and viable animals, which also have an excellent relationship of cohabitation between them. The park has all the conditions necessary for procreation and this year we hope to walk through first breeding expectations.

“Soco” is a young male, Ocellated, timid character and from a zoo in Germany. Anecdotally he was baptized with a name that sounded like Latin and put “Help”. Now living in Benidorm, it costs us to get used to listen to caregivers call jaguar shouting “Help! Help! “, But anyway …

“Greece” is a young female melánica, velvety black fur and agile, lean body. Despite his youth, it has shown dominant character and each time it joins the male.

Although both units are compatible, relate apparently well and are at the beginning of their childbearing years, perhaps his youth, but the fact is that bringing them together does not develop as expected, so it will necessary to establish a treatment enrichment facilitator to establish patterns of courtship behavior and encourage the reproduction of these animals that inhabit Terra Natura Benidorm.

The team Conservation and Veterinary Terra Natura, has studied the parameters of socialization of both copies, estimating necessary to establish a series of meetings type “blind date” between the two animals in a controlled environment, rich in stimuli

The primary action is to reinforce the team of caregivers, with expert staff to exercise comprehensive control of the couple during the meetings, collect observational data, develop tools and establish guidelines for environmental enrichment, parameterize behavior patterns and draw conclusions the sole purpose of facilitating the exercise of narrowing relationships and reproduce naturally in our facilities.

Pueblo Cliff Suites working with this very nice project, funded by an endowment to be defined (according to the Directorate of the park).

Terra Natura already has experience and popularity in developing captive breeding programs with endangered species, following the achievement in 2012 of the birth of the first Indian rhino breeding in Spain. We intend on this occasion to attack a new challenge to preserve the survival of the species that inhabit our planet.

2 jaguares junto charca

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