Valentine’s Day 2016

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It is true that we want our partners throughout the year and not on a specific date. So … Why the February 14th is one of the most memorable and anticipated days of the year?

I think we have a little idea of ​​why it is so important. Do you want to know it? Because we love love! And have a date that indicates that we are in love we love even more. A date in which you can seal your love forever. What? With the locks of love.

Did you know that these locks symbolize the eternal love of the couple? It is a wonderful thing. According to legends if two lovers put a padlock with their names on a bridge and throw the key into the water, their love will be eternal and will be together forever. Bonito ¿right? For us from Cliff Village will encourage one to continue with these legends so incredible. Or better yet why not eliminate the word among all legend to make it really true? Because there is nothing more authentic than an eternally loving couple.

And like any lock needs a place to be placed, we encourage you to come visit us in this unique and special day. Because as you can see already we’re getting very romantic to make your stay a memorable day. Also We have prepared everything!

Do you want to know? Well let yourselves be carried away by your imagination!

You will arrive at our resort, you instalaréis and you may go to enjoy our landscapes are spectacular! And this is where our protagonist lock of love is! Why do not selláis your love here? As we have told the padlock seals the love between the couple, but we have kept secret and is also the place you enamoráis! And what better place than this?

After this romantic walk further to seal your love, you will come to the hotel to enjoy a wonderful gala dinner we have prepared for you. Why gala? We know you want to be as handsome as possible to surprise your partner. Now, imagine and enjoy the delicious dinner prepared by experienced chefs especially for your great evening, laughter and hopes to look at you burst, you are now only two of you, no one else around. You have finished dinner, why do not you show your partner that you know to be number one on the dance floor? Come on, get her out to dance! Nothing better than a dance to relax tensions and FEEL closer to each other.

Your imagination is still wandering? That’s because we’ve convinced you, We love it! Also the night is not just a dance, you have it all to continue conquering more and more to your partner and make him feel that is the only special in your life.

Only to wish that your experience is more than a mere imagination told by us and of course does love alive!

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