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Pueblo Acantilado Suites is a place that is always grwoing and improving. We have a philosophy and a clear vision as summarized in always providing the best to our customers. To you are dedicated our services, you are our the main reason to our resort apartaments. Therefore, we like to improve as much as possible and learn from your experience when you come to El Campello to enjoy in Pueblo Acantilado.

We are looking for a direct and close relationship with you, a constant relationship that lasts over time. A relationship that is based on proactivity and feedback between both parties.

The Pueblo Acantilado team  are convinced that the only way to grow in the right way is knowing firsthand what our customers think of us. We want to know our successes but learn more knowing our mistakes.

Therefore, we ask you to review and evaluate our Pueblo Acantilado. We need to know what your perception, we want to know in which part we have failed and how we can improve. We seek to be aware what more you liked in Pueblo Acantilado resort with the objetive to enhance these aspects in the future.

To assess Pueblo Acantilado we have a very well known, useful and simple in use tool: TripAdvisor. The American website, which is completely free for users, acts as a portal of opinion about places and travel in general. In it, the clients give their opinions about the different hotels.

For us, it is a great opportunity to find in firsthand what is you think and how you value Pueblo Acantilado through this tool. Furthermore, this application allows feedback option, that is, we as resort can answer the user´s opinions. TripAdvisor not only gives us the opportunity to improve the feedback received, but also will serve as a guide to many prospective customers who are undecided.

Therefore, we encourage you to browse the  TripAdvisor´s web and let your honest opinion about our resort. Some of our clients had done and we are happy to meet new impressions. Here are some extracts which have charmed us:

Juan of Valencia says “A full, clean and comfortable studio. The spa although not very big, but enough to spend relaxing tensions “

“Great location, unique environment, the apartments are well equipped and very clean. The best without doubt the incredible sea views … no words ” is the view that has Aurelio Francisco about Pueblo Acantilado

This is what tells a user named Raquel from Alicante “A spectacular place with excellent treatment from the staff. A stunning view from anywhere in the room “

As you can see, thanks to TripAdvisor we are able to know our mistakes and our successes. Our lights and our shadows. We work to improve every day, so we want to offer the best and because of this complete  tool we are able to continue growing.

If you’ve enjoyed ever Pueblo Acantilado Suits What are you waiting to tell us your opinionon TripAdvisor… And if you still have not been click here.


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