10 Reasons to visit El Campello

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We’re glad you come to us and you stay a little time with us.

In Pueblo Acantilado Suites, you will find all the rest and disconnection that you need plus a number of activities which all your family will enjoy, from the adults to the younger.

However, it is possible that you want to visit one of the sites near the hotel. We recommend you the town of El Campello.

Why would you choose this touristic destination?

Throughout this article we will give you some reasons:

–         1. Good weather

All along the year, the town of El Campello has a milder and stable climate. Sweet temperatures due to the presence of the sea on the village’s beaches, which reduce too high contrasts; low rainfall and a lot of sunny days, that resumes El Campello. With this pretty weather, the town turns into an ideal site to visit at any time of the year, without having to worry about choosing what week is the better to go.

–        2. Well connected

Transports are one of the things the most important because, thanks to them, we can go anywhere we want in the town or outside of it. El Campello has numbers of possibilities for you to make the access to the town easier. From our hotel, you can easily access in car after approximately 10 minutes. If at the contrary, you want to go to Alicante or a little further, you can take the highway, or even go to it from the Mediterranean’s Highway, where the town has its own exit (exit number 67).

If you prefer visit with the public services, some tramways exist which transport you to the center of Alicante in only 10 minutes (near the rotating train station).

The same town possesses a tramway’s station in the center, and some stops on the beaches of Muchavista and San Juan. Instead, if you aim to continue with the tramway heads to the north, you will be able to go up to Benidorm and Denia.

More, a metropolitan buses web is at your disposition, which allows you to move into the town.

You will also be able to access a walk on the San Juan’s beaches which communicate with their own towns.

–        3. Gastronomy

One of the aspects which have its importance at the moment to travel and to visit new places is to eat well. If we want to reload our battery in order to visit in good conditions, we have to assure ourselves that we consume good food. Quality is guaranteed in the El Campello’s restaurants. Based on the Mediterranean’s diet, you will enjoy tasting numerous dishes based on sea food, of various kinds of rice and a lot of vegetables. We recommend you to sample one of the typical dishes of the region, which no doubt will make you lick your fingers : « Caldero Campellero », « Arroz a la banda », « Arroz Meloso », « Fideuá », « Botegua amb Tomaca », « Olleta Borda » and « Bollitori ». If you fancy something lighter and varied, you can also meet a large amount of restaurants and terraces in the best places where you will be offered a variety of tapas. There’s something for every taste and every budget.

–        4. Beaches & inlets

The almost fundamental aspect of coast tourism is the presence of good beaches and inlets of the immediate environment. First of all, if the stay takes place during summer. Yet, if you come in autumn or winter, beaches are always a great attraction for tourists and a pleasant entertainment which offer possibility to walk around them, along the shore or by following its great walk.

Finding inlets and beaches off El Campello won’t be a problem as all the village is situated along beaches. You will be able to find two big one in the center and other smaller all around. All our beaches and inlets are also perfectly groomed and got rightly the Blue Flag.

The most important is the Muchavista’s beach with its 3km long which, by its same-distance-walk, is directly linked to the San Juan’s beach. Number of activities are organized on this beach like cinema sessions, the installation of a library or children’s entertainment, and more, this beach has a big advantage : a disabled access.

The Playa de la Calle Del Mar is the beach located in the center of the village. The same activities are organized, which is perfect to go with the smaller. More, the shore is not very deep.

It is a very animated beach; its walk is flooded with shops and restaurants. More, not very far away from it, are some of the monuments the most emblematic of the city. This beach is nearly 2km long.

The Playa del Trajo is one of smallest beach of the town. Following the precedent beach, there is the “Marinero” monument, with the shipyards all along it, and the mouth of the dry river, which forms a small marsh. There is an interesting thing to see and which is out of the context of the beaches. For people who have pets, there is a beach that has a specific area for them.

Talking about inlets, El Campello have some of the most beautiful of the Costa Blanca, despite the fact there are a little bit secluded from the center of the city. There are some examples: Cala Nostra, Cala del Morro Blanc, Cala Piteres, Cala d’En mig, Cala Baeza, Cala Lanuza, Cala del Llop Marí, la Illeta dels Banyets, y la Playa de la Almadrava.

–        5. Cultural monuments

Although El Campello is a small town, it has characteristic cultural monuments worthy of a little visit.

The most important are these two towers: Torre de la Illeta” and “Torre de Barranc de les Aigües”, built at the top of a natural cornice, in order to defend potential Muslim attacks in the era of Antiquity. The first one, foremost, is considered as a public good and at its feet, has a natural area where we can visit Roman baths and scraps of Iberians ceramics. There also is a series of sculptures in honor of women (who go with you on the path, the Paseo de la Voramar which heads to the Playa de la Almadrava.

Hermitages such as the Virgen Del Carmen (important for the marine inheritance of the town) and the one of Santa Teresa, place where we celebrate festive and religious events the most important and which can also be visited.

The monument « Al Pescador », as we have noticed before, is on the Playa del Trajo (very nearly the eponym maritime sector), and represents a lighthouse that was designed in order to pay tribute to the entire marine village. It’s very distinctive and somewhat unusual as it has been built on the sand.

It also highlights the beauty and elegance that you will find when visiting Villa Marco, with its Versailles inspired gardens.

The Culture House and the City Hall are as important to see, also known as “Fuente del Agua”, located on the boulevard San Ramón.

–        6. Natural resources

Though the natural resource and the best attraction for tourists of El Campello are the beaches, the city also has a wide variety of natural resources that are found in mountain ranges. This offers the ability to track eco-touristic roads, or for the nature and sport lovers, there are other reasons to visit the zone.

You cannot get lost on the SL-CV93 path, which reaches to a lookout tower and a breathtaking view of the sea. This place is named Puntes de Gosàlvez, and you will be able to follow this path by bicycle or even on horseback, while admiring and discovering the different species of our fauna and flora.

If you like exploration but in the marine context, El Campello has a number of options for you to discover the submarines roads. The most important are those which take place through the artificial reef, Cova del LLop Marí, El Caballón, los Baños de la Reina, and some on the Cala Lanuza.

–        7. Sports

El Campello is a city where you can relax, or take the opportunity to try dynamic and sporting activities. You will have the possibility to rent bicycles, sailing boats and even airplanes. There will be surf lessons, sailing, kayaking, rowing, boarding and paddle; for all levels and ages, from the best professionals.

As you can see, most of these activities are related to the sea, but it is also possible to go on a boat tour to the island of Benidorm or the island of Tabarca.

          8. Leisure

The town offers a lot of possibilities about leisure. At nightfall, it has many terraces and pubs, where you can take a few cocktails while enjoying the best music and a very lively ambience.

There often are shows and expositions, so it is very interesting to go to the fish market, which take place on Fridays nights at the market. For people who come from big cities, it can be very funny and more, it is a typical activity of the fishing village.

Then arrive the shopping moment. It is just impossible to go away from here without having going shopping. Most of the shops are in the Calle de San Bartolomé and on the Paseo Marítimo de la Playa de la Calle del Mar. And if you’re one of those who like to find the best deals at the best price, we inform you that the popular market is held every Wednesday near the city hall.

As interesting places, there also is the Puerto Deportivo where you will encounter the Nautical Club of El Campello; and the Municipal Park with its great “Centennial Fountain”.

        9. Kids

Most of the time, we travel with kids and this is why we like finding places suited for their needs. The important thing is they are having fun. El Campello is perfectly able to realize it with its various activities dedicated to children, its toy librairies and parks where they can play and spend a few hours.

If you want to spend a day outside with them, what a better idea than bringing them to the Pinada de los Salesianos, where there are lots of benches and wooden chairs ideals for a picnic time.

–        10. Popular tradition

At El Campello, lots of popular festivals are celebrated all along the year, so it is very likely that when you come to visit, you would end up in the middle of the celebration of one of them. The best way to immerse yourself in the popular culture of the city!

Patronal feasts are celebrating on the middle of October (from the 11th to the 15th) and represent fights between Christians and Moors who tried to colonized the city; as feasts in honor of the Virgen del Carmen are also very noticeable because they represent the saint patron of sailors. In both case, there are many parades, offerings and pilgrimages.

During the Feast of Sant Antoni del Porquet is a parade for the benediction of animals, composed of them; and El día de la Comundad Valenciana, on October 9, where street artists make a show with fire (Correfocs). Another tradition is to go to « Tomar la Mona » and spend the day on the beach during the Holy Week, while enjoyins this typical climate. Are also celebrated carnivals and the Feast of San Jose (March 19), where the custom is to eat fried rice with chocolate.

When it’s Navidad, there is a celebration for various events, especially intended for children.

At the end of this, any moment of the year is good to visit El Campello. So, what are you expecting to come?

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