Children’s summer at Pueblo Acantilado

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In our resort, Pueblo Cliff, we welcome any group, couple or family wanting to visit. However, we emphasize how nice it is to stay with us, for families traveling with children.

The kids in our complex having great time. This is due to our way of people, where children will feel at home. For parents, it is the most comfortable, as they have the assurance that it is a sealed enclosure and extremely safe and secure. Therefore, children play freely in our gardens, squares and open spaces, while parents can enjoy the best rest.

CLICK HERE TO SEE VIDEO of children in summer in Cliff Village

Furthermore, the pool features an area with less depth to them, so parents can be very quiet, as they conduct games where more like: in the water.

We also have a Special Kids Park, and an indoor play area (or “Play Room”) designed especially for them. No matter if it’s warmer or less if it rains or not, the children of each family will never lack fun.

Especially now in the summer, every day children have a planned schedule of activities for children as well as numerous activities to its animation and entertainment. Some of them consist of workshops for the manufacture of various crafts. Kids love this, sporting a great time while shaping their favorite cartoon characters, animals or plants; and even made postcards and cards that can be used as greeting for special occasions (Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, birthday of a friend or family member, etc.).

Highlights so careful, friendly, lively, friendly and familiar treatment, with which our leaders and managers “pamper” small; so these want to stay all day with them. Parents in turn, are proud to see their children enjoy, while knowing that they are in good hands, get to relax more.

Also many activities that are intended for “people”, can be enjoyed by children. For example, everyone likes to enjoy the Spanish party, or flamenco dance and concerts are held on Wednesdays. Especially children enjoy tremendously from the days of film every Friday held outdoors in our outdoor amphitheater. Accompanied by their parents, love to watch movies as you feel the ocean breeze.

When children traveling with their parents, especially if they have no brothers of his age, often tend to get bored, so, in Cliff Village, promote their social activity, where they can meet and enrich many more children of different cultures of their peers, since in our hotel, children come from different countries.What better way to learn and practice other languages!

Most families that visit us often repeat their stay at the resort on your next vacation, so many of our leaders already know many of the children staying with us. Thus, a family atmosphere, creating a core of the most endearing, because that’s what we want to achieve in our hotel, to be one people, one big family.

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